Pill Watch helps you keep track of the pills, tablets and other medication you need to take on a daily basis using your Apple Watch or iPhone.

  • Set up your daily schedule of pills and create icons that look just like your own pills
  • Get helpful reminders on your iPhone or Apple Watch that a pill is due - with pictures and text so you know just what to take
  • Track your daily status on the Today screen on your iPhone and the handy glance functionality on your Apple Watch
  • Keep track of the pills you've taken and know for certain which ones you haven't yet
  • Invaluable for the forgetful, or those that take pills so often that you simply lose track!
  • Pick from a selection of distinctive alert sounds, and set reminders to maximise your chances of taking pills when you need to
  • Works well with timezones for the international traveller and holidaymaker - chose to stay on your home timezone and get reminders at the right time for home, or for longer trips move your entire schedule round to the new timezone
  • Makes great use of your Apple Watch: see what's taken and what's overdue today, mark your pills as taken and get reminders when you need them - all without needing to touch your iPhone

Built by a pill-taker for other pill-takers: feedback welcome!