Campaign Author Notes Rating Missions Downloads
DER KRIEG121212e7der krieg100%571
IRAQ WARKashman312Relive large events of the Iraq War 100%9451
THIS MEANS WARKyle=coolYou are the Americans. Try to defeat the enemy.100%7220
TOTAL DESTRUCTION 2hastadestructoThe enemy has retaliated, it is gathering it's forces, it if preparing to attack us again, your job is to prevent them from being successful. Update: Missions 1 and 2 have been updated, now they aren't that easy, and a few mistakes corrected.100%4156
TOTAL DESTRUCTION hastadestructoWe are, for the first time in many years, outnumber the enemy. There doom is here, you have to make sure that it is a fast death. Please comment and rate. 100%4150
NATURAL DISASTERSIndy Lego GuyStart of Campaign message100%3115
THE 2ND MASSma5ter*chiefYour commander of this elite group of soldiers your country has sent you in on a code blue you must destroy the enemy forces and their weapons before they can launch 100%6126
AMERICAN REVOLUTION Overlord328Relive the War for Independence.100%5197
AIRFIELD REVENGEultimatesport7It's been 20 years of peace for our troops and civilians since our successful transport to this land. (black strikes back 2).We've trained hard and ready to fight.To get back at them we're going to destroy their top airfields. Get ready.100%3236
BLACK STRIKES BACK 2ultimatesport7You are on the run. Transport and rescue civilians and troops to the new land. Update: better end description read it. 100%10601

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