Campaign Author Notes Rating Missions Plays
BLACK STRIKES BACKultimatesport7Be ready for anything that comes at you.Harder missions that get you going. The Black army is on the offensive. Defend against them. Your tiny country counts on you. Update: N A. Lazymonkey what are you talking about.83%154642
HERO'S OF THE PACIFICHess59The war has started. Take back the Pacific. Please leave a comment if any missions need work 93%164377
DELTA 9shane981tsLieutenant, this is your squad they are highly trained soldiers, lead them into battle in this folder is your missions, complete them and you will be promoted.95%112933
IRAQ WARKashman312Relive large events of the Iraq War 100%92924
THE REBELLIONshane981tsThe United States has gone corrupt it has split into two The United Forces(UF) and The Rebel Army(RA) we need you commander to lead us into battle. tthe borders ar between the mississippi river75%102695
BLACK STRIKES BACK 2ultimatesport7You are on the run. Transport and rescue civilians and troops to the new land. Update: better end description read it. 100%102632
INFANTRY BATTLESgrimfnStarts off easy and gets harder and harder! Great for newbies!95%91784
CONQUEST magnuskmcYou are a general of a small country, and you reside you need more power. You have discussed this with your leaders and your conquest on the world beings now! 90%121656
ZOMBIE CAMPAIGN POST NUCLEAR WAR-([Berniez])-After the nuclear war, the radiation got to people and they started dying, then coming back to life. Yup. Have fun. P.S the black guys are zombies (that was not intended to be against black people)85%61592
REVOLUTIONmooshidogFor those who like huge battles38%51375